Andy the Core & Exilium - Future (Original Mix) [FLAC]


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Catalog number*: Rude Vibes - RV032
Year*: 2022


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I am not respecting you, also in your link it does not say original mix, you are illiterate

Always check the link has been included BY the requester. In this case it has a track length of 04:08 mins, your upload is less then that 03:46 mins.

Btw, be smart and accept what he requests and don't be a moron. You already have a warning for your account, big chance that it could be your last upload you ever made here.

yes I admit my error of the duration, as you realize I am recently registered, but Alpha Flight 1970 must also admit that the title does not correspond to the title of the link, I published it because I was guided by the title not by the duration and I trust beatport

From now on you know how to fill a request correctly then ;)

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