AMS vs Kevin Energy - Go Insane +2 [SW09] (WEB)


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Catalog number: SW09

I have the vinyl rip plus "Go Insane" from the Essential Hardcore comp. Looking for this full release in WAV.


I don't remember ever seeing this as WAVs (all Switched On tracks I own are MP3 only). And even if someone managed to buy them on CDs from the NEC store, there is a high chance the CD's were burned using MP3 version anyways. The only wavs I do have is Rock Steady (from the Thin n Crispy bundle on HU) and Kevin Energy's remixes of Pensive and Another Life (from his full NEC bundle)

Do you have the digital mp3's (not vinyl rips)?

Yes, of all 3 tracks. They dont sound like vinyl rips at least. They're either from NEC or TrackItDown (most likely NEC)

You could fill request with those if you are ok with uploading?

Thanks so much man, been after these for a bit
Do you have other digital releases from Switched On?

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