ALEX KIDD USB - Complete Works (20 Years)


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Information - UPDATED FOR 2022! Celebrating 20 years of Alex Kidd; this limited edition USB features your favorite tracks and legendary live sets. 64 GB Gold Bar USB. A history of hard dance from the past two decades. This USB is the COMPLETE WORKS PLATINUM EDITION

Seems to be very hard to find and it contains most of Alex kidd's work including all his main hardstyle and hard dance music along with sets and live events. Very hard to find and having searched its not even listed on discogs.

Thanks for your help guys


i take it alex k & alex kidd are completely 2 different producers or are they the same person? also it's on soulseek

Yeah Alex K does Donk music lol

Cant find it on slsk :(

I have seen some of the files on soulseek, in WAV but they are not open shares. you'll need to beg or trade for them.I will note the user if i see them again

.....found a user called BioVolt who has files from a 36gb usb. Seems to be a mix of mp3, wav and aif files. User info says "I share everything freely as long as you don't abuse the queues"

I am not a slsk pro. How it works then? Speaking to him and asking for opening the files for me to download?

Yes, those files arent open to everyone. you will need to ask for permission to download. Maybe offer a trade. Some of these users take a while to answer so be patient

Note that the usb you'll find on there is not the updated version from this request.

oh good point... but if noone here hast it its maybe at least something

Fingers crossed someone pulls through with this. i'd even be happy with the original rather than the updated one.

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