Airwave ‎– Believe / I Want To Believe - full lenght tracks album WEB


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Catalog number: B-Classics ‎– MWCD2011316
Year: 2011

A great release for progressive trance fans like me: the best productions of Airwave in one big release in full lenght glory.
Two albums previously released separately now released together, 23 tracks in total.

No scene releases for this one, you can find these two on the web:
Airwave-I_Want_To_Believe-2CD-2004-MiM is the 2 disc edition with edited tracks, not all the tracks are extended,
Airwave_-_Believe_(Full_Length_Edition)-WEB-2007-eMF it's just the first of the two albums that was released in full lenght WEB but we miss the other album in this release...
So please don't upload these two, i already got both releases.

The catnr. is MWCD2011316 but you can find it written like MWCD-2011-316.
I found a public torrent online with a flac version of this release but no seeds at all :'( maybe someone already got this version...
As always any kind of help is appreciated.

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I have buyed the original release 320 kbps from junodownload. It's worth all the money for me, so i don't need it anymore, consider the request as filled.

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