[2002] Desperation ‎- Our Reservation [INSMX 244 (N)]


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Discogs.com or other URL*: https://www.discogs.com/Desperation-Our-Reservation/release/684273
Catalog number: INSMX 244 (N)
Year: 2002

This was once requested by 66.249.82.xxx on 08/12/2015 but the file has since been removed. Not sure I wanted to necro an old post on the whim that the original uploader is still around after almost six years, or that they'd still have that track. Like the OP, I'm really only interested in the Showtek Remix of Our Reservation than any of the other tracks. I have tried to find it on 0day, TIDAL and Spotify; but have only been able to locate the original mixes of the song. Lossless would be great, but being this track is fairly old, I understand if 320kbps or 192 ABR/VBR is the only thing available.


JFYI: Usually dupes are not allowed, but your request is for the vinyl itself, the others are for the scene releases which is regarded as different, so that's okay.

If nobody else does upload this I'll do so later.

Much appreciated. I generally try and search around usenet and the 0day scene ftp first before coming to 1gab/xprm; and then I search here to see if I find anything. This ones an oldie and I felt like the old request may not get much attention had I asked for a re-up. Thanks again.

If you had requested the scene release it would be a dupe which will be removed.
And, yes, it's a problem that reupload requests are overlooked at times but the way it is is the best way we can offer right now.

I've it, but only 128 kbps... :-(

That's very probably the fake I mentioned.

Track lengths are: 6:14m, 5:42m and 5:24m.

The Showtek mp3 is ripped from the DOC release of Desperation - Our Reservation (Part_2) on Byte Progressive.

This is the fake that I also have, though I have the Original mix rather than the revisited mix. The ones that I found were also 128kbps. I'm still looking on 0day's FTP, but no such luck on the Showtek remix.

Thank you! Sounds so much better than the rip I have.

As the request is for the Insolent Tracks EP request is not filled but points deserved of course. ;)

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