Trance requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Atomic_Alliance_Vs._Trance_Generators-Rock_To_Da_Beat_Vinyl-2001-MTC Filled Trance 2 27-Mar-2015
Reeloop_-_Important-Retail_Vinyl-2002-SQ Filled Trance 1 23-Mar-2015
K-Waveshaper-CDM-1999-wAx Filled Trance 1 23-Mar-2015
Solar_Quest_-_Acid_Air_Raid-(TTX2005)-Ltd.Ed.-Vinyl-1998-Angel Filled Trance 1 23-Mar-2015
PERFECTO_158CD1-DJ_Scot_Project_-_Y_How_Deep-CDS1-1998-MS Filled Trance 1 22-Mar-2015
DJ_Scot_Project-Y_(How_Deep_Is_Your_Love)_(Remixes)-(DOSE29R)-Vinyl-1997-MCO Filled Trance 3 22-Mar-2015
Arome_-_Somebody-Vinyl-2001-MOD Filled Trance 2 21-Mar-2015
Giada_-_Return_to_Forever-Vinyl-2001-BMI Filled Trance 1 21-Mar-2015
Giada-Diamond-Vinyl-2002-SND Filled Trance 2 21-Mar-2015
Giada_-_Song_For_A_Princess-(RED257)-WEB-2004-iHQ_INT Filled Trance 3 21-Mar-2015
The Moon ‎– Blow Up The Speakers Filled Trance 1 20-Mar-2015
Don Diablo ‎– Cloud Nr. 9 / Acceleration The Remixes Filled Trance 2 19-Mar-2015
Global_Cee-Alive-(DRUCK013)-Vinyl-2005-FMC Filled Trance 2 19-Mar-2015
Global_Cee-Burnin_PROPER_(READ_NFO)-Vinyl-2003-USF Filled Trance 2 19-Mar-2015
VS ‎– Vitamine Filled Trance 1 19-Mar-2015
Rapha_-_Passions__Love_Song-Vinyl-2004-QMI Filled Trance 2 16-Mar-2015
Powell ‎– All Over The World Filled Trance 1 16-Mar-2015
Walt_-_Silver_Machine-(CAR1221)-WEB-2004-SSK Filled Trance 1 11-Mar-2015
203-quadran_-_eternally_(remastered_dance_mix).mp3 Filled Trance 1 10-Mar-2015
Mike Steventon & Side E-Fect - Acid Reloaded (GBD094) Filled Trance 1 23-Feb-2015
Mike Steventon & Side E-Fect - Execute Reloaded (GBD088) Filled Trance 1 23-Feb-2015
Frank zenker aka DJ SCOT PROJECT (discography) Filled Trance 4 27-Apr-2014
Luca Antolini DJ – Hardtrance Revolution Vol. 2 Filled Trance 3 22-Aug-2011