Techno requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
[TBYTE 008] Ultraform presents Deal - Oldschool EP - Part 1.rar Filled Techno 2 30-Oct-2013
Mad Creatures - Circle Of Darkness Vinyl Filled Techno 1 27-Oct-2013
Mike NRG - Lost In Dreams CQ2014 2004 Vinyl Filled Techno 2 26-Oct-2013
DJ_Skep_-_I_Dont_Give_A_Fuck_EP-(SR001)-Vinyl-2007-HB Filled Techno 2 24-Oct-2013
VA_-_SR_Allstars_EP-(SR002)-Vinyl-2007-FQS Filled Techno 2 24-Oct-2013
Skanky Records Closed Techno 0 22-Oct-2013
DJ Skep ‎– Hangova STRUKTURE 004 Filled Techno 2 16-Oct-2013
Defqon 1 2013. White Stage. Acti, full set Filled Techno 3 25-Sep-2013
Delayers & Acti - Fusion Filled Techno 2 15-Sep-2013
Marcel_Woods-Advanced-CDS-2006-DOH Filled Techno 1 23-Aug-2013
ACTI - Zathan [Big & Dirty Recordings] Filled Techno 1 11-Aug-2013
[SUB016] Argy - Don't Give Up The Fight Filled Techno 1 11-Aug-2013
SUB004 Lee Mac Animated / Memory Loss Filled Techno 1 17-Jul-2013
Viper_XXL_-_Club_Bombs-(ANIMASOLA011)-WEB-2011-SRG Closed Techno 0 15-Jul-2013
boris s candyman 320 kbps Filled Techno 2 27-Jun-2013
Alex_Kidd__Kidd_Kaos _And_Lisa_Lashes-Nu_Religion-(KF006)-WEB-2009-UKHx Filled Techno 2 03-Jun-2013
VA-Magik_Two_Story_Of_The_Fall-(BHCD03)-WEB-2011-wAx Filled Techno 2 30-May-2013
Jamie_Bissmire_and_DJ_Bam_Bam_-_Nasty_But_Nice-(50HZ002.DIGITAL)-WEB-2009-SOB_INT Filled Techno 3 28-May-2013
Dj eM-Miss You (Splinta remix) Filled Techno 2 17-May-2013
hardbass 2013 video stream Filled Techno 2 17-Mar-2013
Best Of Sounds Diabolic Vol 3 Filled Techno 4 16-Mar-2013
Dj Scot Project-I want your love Filled Techno 6 15-Mar-2013
Complete label: Subground by Activator Filled Techno 2 15-Mar-2013
Activator-Thanaz Larkee-(sub003)-web-2011-srg Filled Techno 1 15-Mar-2013
VA_-_Bassleader_Capital_of_the_Harder_Styles_2012_Compilation-3CD-2012-SOB Filled Techno 2 24-Feb-2013