Hardstyle requests

Request title Status Genre Cmt Date
Sledgehammers - 5th Segment (feat. MC Renegade) [Operation Raw 2019 Anthem] [Extended] (04... Open Hardstyle 1 28-Feb-2021
Hatom - Masters Of The Shadows Filled Hardstyle 1 28-Feb-2021
Ruthless flash forward ep Filled Hardstyle 1 28-Feb-2021
Brennan Heart – Life Begins (Blademasterz Edit) Filled Hardstyle 1 28-Feb-2021
Code Black & Brennan Heart – Tonight Will Never Die (Audiotricz Remix) Filled Hardstyle 1 28-Feb-2021
Degos & Re-Done – My Enemies Filled Hardstyle 1 27-Feb-2021
Valido – Black Ocean EP Filled Hardstyle 1 27-Feb-2021
Physika Ft. Disarray - We Will Rise (Original Mix) Filled Hardstyle 1 27-Feb-2021
Foolish Label Open Hardstyle 3 27-Feb-2021
Damian Ray ‎– Illuminations Filled Hardstyle 1 26-Feb-2021
R.O.M. Featuring Marko Von Schöenberg - New York 2001 (FLAC/WAV) Open Hardstyle 0 26-Feb-2021
Anderex & Mutilator - Hot Souce (Extended Mix) [WAV FILE] Open Hardstyle 0 26-Feb-2021
Le Shuuk – Dark Side Of The Moon (Extended Mix) (02:59) Filled Hardstyle 3 25-Feb-2021
Nord - Positive-Negative (FLAC/WAV) Open Hardstyle 0 25-Feb-2021
Charter ft. MC Sarge - Bring The Noise (Original Mix) Filled Hardstyle 1 25-Feb-2021
Geck-o ‎– Soul Train Open Hardstyle 0 25-Feb-2021
Trye - Feel That Way (Extended Mix) (03:42) Filled Hardstyle 1 24-Feb-2021
Psyko Punkz ‎– Victorious (Acoustic Version) Filled Hardstyle 1 24-Feb-2021
The A Squad ‎– Battle Of Spirits Filled Hardstyle 1 24-Feb-2021
Flyguy - Big Pussy (FLAC/WAV) Open Hardstyle 0 24-Feb-2021
DJ Rob & MC Joe - Beat Is Flow '99 (FLAC/WAV) Open Hardstyle 0 24-Feb-2021
DJ Frank - The Inside (FLAC/WAV) Open Hardstyle 0 24-Feb-2021
Da Tweekaz - Heroes Of Today (Extended Mix) Filled Hardstyle 5 24-Feb-2021
Enemy Contact & Hardstyle Pianist - Eternity (Extended Mix). No rapidgator link pls Filled Hardstyle 2 23-Feb-2021
Faye – Ride Or Die Filled Hardstyle 1 23-Feb-2021