Hardcore requests

Request titlesort descending Status Genre Cmt Date
Waldhaus ‎- The Waldhaus Doctrine EP Filled Hardcore 1 13-Jun-2018
Waldhaus ‎– The Waldhaus Doctrine EP Filled Hardcore 1 22-Sep-2014
Waldhaus – Decadent & Depraved Filled Hardcore 4 13-Jun-2011
walking the line - tha playah Filled Hardcore 2 12-Oct-2012
Walter One - El Niño Filled Hardcore 3 30-Jul-2019
Walter One - Face To Face (RR 1732-0)-WEB-2008 Open Hardcore 0 12-Jun-2020
Walter One - Gabber Over (Tetris) Filled Hardcore 1 24-Mar-2013
Walter One ‎– Face To Face Filled Hardcore 5 10-Jun-2020
Warchetype a.k.a. Mental Wreckage - Hacking The Machine Promotional Mix (FLAC/WAV) Open Hardcore 0 13-Feb-2021
Warchetype Aka Mental Wreckage - Faceless Machine Filled Hardcore 2 16-Jan-2021
Warcraft - Hardcore Edition Filled Hardcore 4 05-Dec-2020
Warped Science (The Complete Collection) Open Hardcore 1 14-May-2020
Wars Industry & Friends - Uptempo Worldwide Part One Filled Hardcore 2 07-Jul-2018
Wars Industry - Disorder (2014) [DARKUL037] Filled Hardcore 5 15-Mar-2018
Wars Industry - Roxanne Destroy La Policia Filled Hardcore 1 24-Apr-2015
Wars Industry feat. D-ohmicyd - Venga Hill (Unrest Remix) Open Hardcore 0 05-Jun-2020
Warst - Hardcore!! Neo Dimension Open Hardcore 0 02-Jul-2020
Warst ‎– The Tower Of The Sun (Re★Edit 2003) Open Hardcore 0 28-Jun-2018
Wasted Mind - Athair Ar Neamh (Wasted Mind Bootleg) Filled Hardcore 2 02-Jul-2019
wasted mind - paradox Filled Hardcore 1 02-May-2012
Wasted Mind - Rayo de sol Filled Hardcore 1 15-Jan-2014
Wasted Mind - Rayo De Sol Filled Hardcore 3 30-Apr-2012
Wasted Mind discography Filled Hardcore 1 01-Sep-2020
Wasted Mind ‎– The Creator (Extended Mix) Filled Hardcore 12 20-Apr-2020
Wasted Mind-The Return EP Filled Hardcore 4 02-Dec-2019