How to make a proper request


To make a proper request you should check the following:

  • It wasn't already posted (search by album title) ??
  • It's not available at well-known sites (1gabba, flacattack) or google ??
  • It wasn't released recently (10 days)

Then you should fill out a form:

  • The title should include an artist name(s) and release title or "Scener" release name, e.g. Artist - Album Name
  • Also, it's recommended to include release year and release type/source (CD, Vinyl, WEB), e.g. Artist - Album Name (1996, CD)
  • For lossless requests, you can include a FLAC tag, e.g. Artist - Album Name (1996, CD, FLAC)
  • It's important to select a correct genre
  • Request details should include the mandatory fields: Release URL, Release year, Catalogue number
  • "Scener" requests may not include mentioned mandatory fields
  • The request will be filled according to the information provided in the request title and release URL
  • You can also provide the release label, tracklist, and/or any useful information regarding your request
  • Do not mention a specific file hoster you want, it's up to the uploader