Panic (Druid & Hixxy remix) (lossless)

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Lossless digital.


I've heard this. It's horrible. It sounds like a rip from an old tape. No work gone into it. There's actually a remake of the track on SoundCloud, and quite honestly, it sounds amazing. Don't know if I can leave a link, so I won't.

You can leave a link, though you won't be able to fill the request with it. I'd still appreciate it though.

That does sound better, shame the uploader only put up a 192kbps download.

Not sure what file you're looking at but the one from the Dropbox link on that Soundcloud page is 320kbps and doesn't look like an upscale to me

Spek shows a cutoff at 18khz, meaning it's around 192kbps.

Yea but it's a gradual natural drop off so not an upscale. I've seen this before with badly mastered tracks where the higher freqs were simply not emphasised enough (or at all in this case) during mastering. I guarantee the WAV would have exactly the same spectro if he had released it. And who knows, maybe that's why he never released it :)

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