Go Mental - Died In Your Arms (320+ CD Rip)

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Discogs.com or other URL*: (Master release) https://www.discogs.com/Go-Mental-Died-In-Your-Arms-Tonight-Sunshine-After-The-Rain/master/405485
Catalog number: H-TEC 003 (This is for the vinyl though)
Year: 1996


Sorry for the late reply, yes I was just looking for the single track. That's perfect thank you :-)

Hi Talim, I know this request was a couple of months old but the link is dead, would it be possible to get a re-upload of the file please?

There is no CD release of this or do you just want the track from any CD/Web compilation as Talim suggests?

Sorry for the delay in replying, that's what I was looking for but should've been a bit more specific. It's all sorted now, thank you :-)

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