Insight - Only Your Love (Scott Brown Remix) (VINYL)



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Catalog number: QSHLTD5
Year: 2004

good quality VINYL rip 320kbps+ please, i already have WEB version and its overcompressed compared to the vinyl version


both versions you provided are WEB
here's the vinyl rip i have, it sounds a little bit diffrent, not as brickwalled as the WEB version

but its only 200~kbps vbr, recorded with static hum and a little warbled so im looking for a better vinyl rip

Incorrect, one of the versions is 100% a vinyl rip which i did myself year's ago before selling my Technics MK2's.

It's possibly my mastering of the rip. I had a habit of playing about with EQ's when recording. I have some very rare vinyl rips i ruined due to that. Which i never forgave myself for.

Might be, but still it's not what im looking for which is the orginal not overcompressed vinyl version

I have Flip_and_Fill-Discoland_Sy_and_Unknown_Remix-QSHLTD005-Vinyl-2004-UKH

192kbps, not 320kbps

Can i check it out?
If it's recorded without electrical hum and at right speed will probably sound better than mine

Thanks, nice it sound a little bit better than my rip, but if someone have 320kbps im still looking

also sounds overcompressed compared to others

I did a bit of testing by ear and also by Spek, and the only versions I can find that are "Club master" compressed like you mention are the posted non-sceners here.

You mention that the WEB release it was did that, however I have access to three lossless versions, one from BP and one from JD that is sourced from another compilation, and a third cd selfrip from yet another compilation (though cut in this instance) with the track (all unmixed versions, mind you) that are all (near) identical and don't exhibit this compression issue like the posted mp3.

I'll sub to this post so if the OP wants this version, just say so and I'll post it.

It'd be appreciated if you can post it, so there's at least a version without such compression available (even if it's not sourced from vinyl). The requester seems to want the vinyl version to avoid the compression, so uncompressed digital lossless should be more than enough.

Yesss this is it, sounds perfect, exactly what ive been looking for, thank you so much, request filled.

I wanted vinyl because i though all the WEB versions all overcompressed, but if you have a digital ver that's not overcompressed ill be happy to have it

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