Hardcore Element vs. Bad News ‎– Tell The DJ



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Discogs.com or other URL*: https://www.discogs.com/Hardcore-Element-vs-Bad-News-Tell-The-DJ/release/161650
Catalog number: UNM 001
Year: 1997

Does somebody has this vinyl in 320 kbps?


[link deleted]

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ow I'm sorry. Didn't know that.
Maybe stupid question, but how can I tell if tracks are upscaled?

Open the audio file in a spectrum analyser like Spek (http://spek.cc/).
Lossless (with 44kHz sample rate) should have frequencies up to 22kHz
True 320kbps MP3s should have frequencies up to 20kHz
128kbps MP3 will cut off at 16kHz.

PUTA releases should be added to the banned list. Upscaled trash as well

PUTA releases are half okay, half trash. They need to be checked in each case.

Spek which Rene's recommending is fast and easy to use. Play a bit around with tracks you'll know for sure they aren't upscaled (like SRG scene releases) and you'll quickly learn.

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