Supreme & UFO - Forever Autumn (good quality)



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Catalog number: GMR 011
Year: 1997

Doesnt have to be the whole release, just the "Forever Autumn" track


Shiit ive got exact same release on my hdd, doesnt anybody have a better quality rip, because this one sucks.
Or was it just badly pressed?

You should always clarify the quality that you're looking if you already have what was requested at an inferior quality.

Anyway, I'm not aware of any better rip. There are some alternative mixes by DJ Kaos released through Uptempo:

Yeah, my bad indeed sorry i had these kaos tracks from the go mental label, but also in shitty quality and these you posted are way better and B2 track sounds exactly like supreme/ufo version so i got what i wanted
thank you!


wicked! thank you sooooo much

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