Artifact - Torment (Original Mix) [Lossless]

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Catalog number: NLS241502056
Year: 22.09.2015



Is this Dutch for lossless? (serious question out of curiosity)

What do you mean exactly Alpha?

"Losseless" sounds Dutch.

But never mind, you answered my question. ;)

Lol ! No its not Dutch Alpha.
He just made a typo.
The Dutch translation for lossless is 'verliesloos' but we use also the term lossless ;)

I guess you get my drift why I assumed Dutch.. lossE...

or maybe Danish.. ;)

It's not a typo btw, AanDeGang used the exact spelling several times.

It might have been new Dutch internet slang as I presume that in Dutch language something similar like Denglish exists.(

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