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(FIST01) VA - Newcastle Hardcore Volume One
(FIST02) VA - Newcastle Hardcore Volume 2
(FIST03) Nasenbluten - 500 600 1200 EP
(FIST04) Embolism - This Means Fucking War!
(FIST05) Memetic vs. Netas - Memetic vs. Netas
(FIST06) Syndicate - Appetite For Destruction EP
(FIST07) Rage Reset - Damage EP Part One
(FIST08) Hedonist - Hedonist EP
(FIST10) Embolism - Massacre EP
(FIST11) Memetic - Still More Fukt Muzak
(FIST12) Syndicate - Syndicate EP
(FIST13) sub~URBANE - The Mechanical Propaganda Device
(FIST14) Guyver - Death 2 Darkness EP
(FIST19) Embolism - A Matter Of Convenience EP
(FIST20) Memetic - A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again
(FIST21) Aftermath - Aftermath EP
(FIST22) Warwick Capper - Fist22 Sampler
(FIST25) Fluorocarbon - Intentional Misuse
(FIST27) Nasenbluten - Dog Control
(FIST28) Epsilon - Extol.Nihil
(FISTC01) VA - Straight Outta Newcastle
(FISTC02) Nasenbluten vs. Syndicate - Undescended Testicles
(FISTC03) Syndicate - Prisoners Of War
(FISTC05) Xylocaine - Cluster Bombs
(FISTC06) Syndicate - Realms Of Darkness
(FISTC07) Overcast vs. Xylocaine - Overcast vs. Xylocaine
(FISTC08) VA - Live At The Slaughterhouse - May '95
(FISTC09) VA - Annihilating Jizm (The Ultra-Cynic EP)
(FISTC10) Embolism Netas - Train Of Thought
(FISTC11) Xylocaine Memetic - Untitled
(FISTC12) Nasenbluten - N Of Terror
(FISTC13) Syndicate - Deathtrap
(FISTC14) Xylocaine - The Tape
(FISTC15) Memetic Fraughman - Caution S4
(FISTC16) Nasenbluten - Live At NCL Scum (October 6 2000)
(FISTC17) Aftermath - Live At NCL Scum (October 6 2000)
(FISTC18) Syndicate - Live At NCL Scum (October 6 2000)
(FISTMP309) Mark N & Gavin Syndicate - This DJ Cuts Different Ways
(FISTMP313) Sub-Urbane - Polis (Unreleased Mix)
(FISTMP314) Fluorocarbon - Vortex


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