Neko & Maissouille - Hadokoa (Extended Version)

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Catalog number: Hardcore France Records - HF64
Year: 2020



What's the best program or what do you use to check if a audio file is upscaled and how can you tell?

It seems to be a common thing now so wanted to check a load of tracks I've got, cheers bro.

I use Spek to check spectrum of audio files.

Thanks Chuck, I will take a look.

Quick question, anything in particular I need to check to see if it's upscaled or not?

Just take a look at some 320kbps, vbr, 192kbps mp3s and FLAC files which you know for sure they are valid, e.g. bought ones or SRG releases. You'll quickly learn which spectras are which, which ones are fines, which ones are obvious upscales and those which look suspicous.

Cool, thanks

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