Missing stuff in label: "Superbad MIDI Breaks"

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(SBMB001) Kousei Muraki - Superbad Midi Breaks
(SBMB002) Kousei Muraki - Asagaya Murder Mix
(SBMB003) Aaron Spectre - Twelve Nine Zero Four
(SBMB004) Akira, Bonehead - Total Destruction Vol.1
(SBMB006) BONEHEAD NEVERMIND It's Kawaii To Penetrate You With My Katana EP
(SBMB007) BONEHEAD Maneki Nekro EP
(SBMB010) DJ Mutante - Total Destruction Vol.2
(SBMB011) VA - Tripped And SBMB Presents Japan Exclusive
(SBMB013) Engage Blue - Treason Blood Of Criminals
(SBMB014) ASIN BRAINWASH Different Techniques
(SBMB015) SATAN I Will Destroy
(SBMB017) Lenny Dee HKV - Total Destruction Vol.5
(SBMB018) DEAD CHANNEL Don't Lie, You've Heard Worse
(SBMB019) AUDIOTIST Kicks & Keys
(SBMB020) Engage Blue - Innocent Warfare
(SBMB023) VA - Fight The Power
(SBMB024) XACKSECKS Meat Grinder EP
(SBMB025) DELTA9 FIEND Meifumado
(SBMB026) AUDIOTIST Ritmestoornis
(SBMB027) FRONTCORE Conversations All To The Mustard

Already got the rest ..


thx it's a start :D Now the rest

If you click at official site's link and find Junodownload's label page you can figure out one can't even buy most of these items copy-pasted from discogs, lol

they must be available somewhere?

Probably some japs who bought these releases close to their release dates might own 'em. You can imagine chances they'd show up exactly at this site and start uploading these releases that turned out to be so exclusive all of a sudden now...

Here is all I got from this excellent label: https://anonfile.com/NfIb67u3n9/SMB_rar
(includes an inofficially released set by Stazma the Junglechrist)

Following things are missing:-

SBMB001 Superbad MIDI Breaks (Mixed by Kousei Muraki)
SBMB002 Kousei Muraki - Asagaya Murder Mix
SBMB004 Akira & Bonehead - Total Destruction Vol. 1
SBMB011 Tripped and SBMB Present BadBackCD01/SBMB011 Japan Exclusive
SBMB014 Asin & Brainwash - Different Techniques EP
SBMB017 Lenny Dee & HKV - Total Destruction Vol. 5
SBMB018 Dead Channel - Don't Lie, You've Heard Worse...
SBMB033 Nuke - Vibrating Source
SBMB034 Crime1Minister - Earthcore Eruption
SBMB035 Raxyor - Sacred Samurai2

Can you reupload plz?

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