Various ‎– Chapter One

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Catalog number: HECT CD001
Year: 1995

320kbps MP3 if possible please!


I have a Wav copy, can you convert it to MP3?

Feel free to post the Wav, acceptable per rules (the quality of uploads must be highest possible).

I'll take both, thank you! I'd normally ask for WAV but I haven't heard this album yet so I didn't want to download a huge file for nothing, thanks for the upload, much appreciated!

Hey, don't sweat it. I'll happily upload all format's if needed.

It's a good release, only down side is a couple of the 12'' Tracks on Disk 1 are not actually full length, they fade out towards the end. Which is a shame because they're anthems!

Hope you enjoy :)

Kniteforce is re-releasing the Hectic catalogue so all of it should be available in full digital eventually.

Kniteforce have had too much money from me lately, purchased the 'The Proper Hectic Bundle' and the 'Trip To The Moon 2092 Complete Box Set'.

Not too mention all the individual bits, i am officially broke ;)

And i don't even have any turntables set up. My wife goes mental because i spend so much on vinyl but can't even listen to it haha. The downloads and CD's are a god send.

all kraken links are down (404 error) reupload please

Thats a bit rubbish. No way of knowing why its down either because it wasn't linked to my account. I can reup the lossy if needed.

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