EMFA Music (Label)

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Discogs or other URL: https://www.discogs.com/es/label/451634-Emfa-Music
Catalog number: EMFXXX
Year: 2011 +

Im searching for this, at least the first years, thanks


i could upload this but not gonna have my links scrutinized by the usual suspects, its not only putting me off but others aswel

Well, I only want the songs for personal use, I'm not an uploader from somewhere or similar. Now I am downloading the available songs in the S3RL VK profile. If you could upload the old songs I would be very grateful, greetings.

Emfa Music (2011–2018) [WEB]
Full label in lossless format (99 FLACs + 2 WAVs; only DJ Mixes and Original Mixes) and 320 kbps (some edits are also included).

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No problem. I'll be updating this label up to date.

Edit: Just added EMF103 S3RL feat. Jamie-Rose – It's This Again (DJ Edit) in FLAC and MP3. Enjoy!

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