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Catalog number: YAWA Recordings ‎– YAWA 0867-6
Year: 2008


Please refill this one!
Thank you.

Nitroflare link is dead. That file host just gives the impression it's still fine at first look. If you click further you will see.

The error message "This file is available with Premium only. Reason: the file's owner disabled free downloads." is misleading. Actually the file is gone. Maybe it's really still available for premium members but who cares..

Interesting. So Nitroflare does not delete files but moves them to "premium only" after a time.

Looking at scnlog for example, files under 100mb are not deleted very often (unless DMCAd, their storage drive goes corrupt) as you can easily download files that are years old.
Files above 100mb are a different story.

Their faq says the following:
"Inactive files are files that were uploaded to our servers and did not have views or downloads during a period of 90 days. In such event, the system automatically removes these files without any prior notice. The files will be removed regardless if the file's owner has premium or not."
Not sure how accurate that is, I think that refers to files over 100mb from what I have experienced.

Quite probably. The feds are way more into busting movie and software uploaders than music which you can listen to online and easily rip anyway.

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