Nagazaki - Vanished Dream

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Catalog number: Heresy Disciples - DISCIPLES 005
Year: 2020


Upscaled from bandcamp preview clip

You mean transcoding

Transcode is when you convert from one encoding format to another: lossless (e.g. WAV-->FLAC) and lossy (WAV-->mp3) transcoding. There's no changing in format when one picks 128 kbps bandcamp MP3 clip and converts it to 320 kbps MP3 - it's called re-encoding and, in this case, upscaling sort of it since it's from lower bitrate to higher bitrate

It's still a transcode, just a bad one.

Exactly might point, still a transcode no what other fancy words are used. All good and nice tracks sounds every Ophidian (master of real hardcore)

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