Beat Trippa - Insomnia [MP3 320]

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Catalog number: HECT 004
Year: 2007
I'm looking for the 320kbps version, not the vinyl, thanks.


Thanks for the reply. I already have an upscaled version of it, so that's why I'm looking for the real 320kbps one. Thanks anyway :)

Yeah, Insomnia is good, thanks ! Now, I'm just missing Hooked and it will be OK.

I've got the suspicion that the 2 track web release is upscaled by the 3Beat Digital label and the fine version of Insomnia, nice use of sampling Faithless btw, is from another source, compilation or something.

Oh ok, so maybe I have to look for another release with Hooked inside it. Thanks for the info.

It's only a suspicion from my side. Got no proof and I could be totally wrong.

Just done a check on my copy, that I bought at the time from 3Beat, exactly the same as the one you posted Alpha. So I think your theory of it being upscaled from 3Beat might possibly be correct. I know AATW was bad for this on some releases, so wouldn't surprise me if 3Beat did it too.

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