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If you explicitly want an AOV_INT release, it's okay to request it for collector's purpose but in general AOV_INT releases are banned as they are all upscaled.

Yeah, need it just for collection purposes. As there is no 'proper' scene release yet I want this one.

01. ARTBAT x Sailor and I - Best of Me (Radio Edit)
02. ARTBAT x Sailor and I - Best of Me (Original Mix)
MP3-320 from Deezer (combined the 2 releases into 1):

MP3-320 is also available from various sites and can be found on your favorite search engine.

Now the bad news, FLAC on Deezer is upscaled from 320 MP3, the WAV on is upscaled ... over 50% of the MP3's you find online are upscaled (VK, Freak, google search).
It's a hit and miss this release. Tons of crappy upscales going around.
Not pressing filled.... cause you wanted scene release and this is obviously not scene :)

We recently had some clown here who was proud of upscaling his files ("Nobody complained yet. Why you?")


Think I remember seeing the spam he/she made ...
Upscaling should carry the death penalty imo :)

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