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Shame these are not about, some awesome tracks, and the mix's are good.

Do you have a more complete catalogue list than the one on Discogs?

e.g. 009 is missing (in case it exits)

Rescue & Ageo feat. Jay P - Wild Man
just try to look into shops like beatport, sometimes they fill the missing stuff

Yep, sometimes.

Full catalogue of these mini UK Hardcore labels sold on Trackitdown and that other one (name forgotten, starting with I) is sometimes hard to get.

Lots of frustrating research without even knowing if you find something

Yes, Imodownload. Thanks, timer.

As you all know Trackitdown officially is just "under maintenance" but I doubt they'll come back. It's 1,5 years now or something since it was turned off.

Worst part is almost all sceners were MP3 at that time, so lossless is rare for these labels, even for bigger ones like Essential Platinum (the ones sold on Beatport now are low quality).

Yup digital releases are cool until the webshop closes down and entire labels are now gone.
I had never even heard of Imodownload .. any info?

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