Flip & Fill feat. Kelly Llorenna - True Love Never Dies (Darren Styles Remix)

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Discogs or other URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIGpq2bbbKg
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Does someone know if there's a extended mix existing anywhere?
I just know that the track was on Clubland X-Treme Hardcore CD and on Clubland 100% Hardcore


Afraid not .. I got a 3:56 length version if you like

I remember this being a highly sought after track but sadly I haven't seen the extended mix get a full release.

People have had various attempts at making an extended version out of the edits over the years. I've got a 6 minute version, if interested, which is the most complete I've seen so far but it's only 192kbps so not the best quality :(

I have the 5:18 version from "Clubland X-Treme Hardcore 2" in MP3 320 kbps

its cut out from the mixed cd and with some of the previous track at the beginning

there is no extended mix, sometimes are darren styles remixes just short

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