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Catalog number: A-Tech Music + ReBuild Music + Stamina Records - #FF01
Year: 2015


Would you like a 320kbps copy till i can rip my copy to FLAC?

No problem, i have all the Rebuild cd's, except the first two which i lost years ago.

I've been looking for lossless versions of Thumpa's CDs for some time. Wlll come back to you if I get more free time myself.

Thank you, dale88, indeed :)

A pity though that some EAC settings were wrong:
"Read mode : Burst
Track 1: Timing problem
Track 2: Cannot be verified as accurate
Test CRC missing"

I have no idea what any of that mean's, i'm new to EAC, i very rarely RIP my cd's.

If you could explain to me what i can do to fix those issue's it would help me in future.

To fix "Burst mode", that also, I guess, leads to that "Timing problem" error, you should setup your "Drive Options" settings in "EAC" menu (I'll just quote one of FAQs that shouldn't be hard to find around):
"Extraction Method" tab:

Start by hitting "Detect Read Features...". This will actually take a few minutes. The only feature detection that actually matters is Accurate Stream. If your drive can use it, checkmark the setting (most modern drives have Accurate Stream). If it can't, then don't.
Even if your drive doesn't cache audio, it will not harm the rip quality to leave that checked.
Do not use C2, even if EAC thinks you can
"Drive" tab:

Hit "Autodetect read command now". It shouldn't take long. Leave everything else unchecked unless you're having problems
"Offset / Speed" tab:

If you did the AccurateRip configuration at the start of this guide, the top half of the tab will be greyed out

If you want to figure out whether your drive needs "Overread into Lead-in and Lead-Out" checked, you can check by temporarily unchecking "Use AccurateRip with this drive". Stick a CD in the drive and hit "Detect read sample offset correction...". If you're just doing this for the Overread, see below:
Check "Overread Lead-In and Lead-Out" only if the test result says that your drive can:
  a) overread from both the Lead-In and Lead-Out
  b) overread from Lead-Out and your offset correction is positive
  c) overread from Lead-In and your offset correction is negative
Otherwise disable (uncheck) it.
Remember to check "Use AccurateRip with this drive" again once you're finished!
"Gap Detection" tab:

Pretty much every drive should work with the following settings

Some screenshots to check your "EAC --> EAC Options" settings:

Before ripping hit F4 in main EAC window (that's "Detect Gaps" in "Action" menu)
Also select "Action -->Create CUE Sheet -> Multiple WAV Files With Gaps... (Noncompliant)"

To get "Test CRC" in logs use "Action --> Test & Copy Selected Tracks" (not just "Copy Selected Tracks")

Thanks for this detailed guide on EAC.
I'll def apply this to my personal rips from now on.
Wish I knew this 15+ years ago when I ripped all my CDs.

Might have to do it again ... but to FLAC this time around ;)

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