Bass-D & King Matthew @ Masters Of Hardcore 2017

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Bass-D & King Matthew @ Masters Of Hardcore 2017


I was there in 2017, watching the mad lads go at it with the vinyl. Great fun!
But shame on me for not remembering the track names... Can anyone help me out?
What are the tracks between 49:10 and 53:20?

(Bonus points for complete tracklist :P)


first is: Tiny Tot - Discoland DJ Isaac Remix 1996

Thank you! Know the one after it as well by any chance? is a great site for track lists. The one of this set isn't there thou.

I'm well aware of lsdb :D but yeah, I checked there and couldn't find it. So tried my luck here!

You could also ask Bass-D personally on SoundCloud and Facebook. He's a nice and responsive guy.

Tiny Tot - Discoland (DJ Isaac Remix)
Ferocious - Cocaine

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