Fritz & Paul Kalkbrenner - Sky And Sand (KELTEK Bootleg)

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Year: 2020

Are you guys have this one? I'm not sure the track was giveaway by Sven or not yet, so if you know please let me know.


Keltek himself says on YouTube: "Unfortunately I can't do a free release as I don't own any of the rights of the original song."

Maybe it gets leaked somehow.

Thanks for your helpful information : )
I'll close the request immediately.

No need to close the request. Like said, maybe somebody gets it leaked.

You won't get a 255kbps file by ripping from SoundCloud. The SC stream is 128kbps by definition and won't get a better bitrate mp3 when the ripping tool distorts and upscales the track.

Uploading upscaled mp3s here is a no-go!

Ah... I wasn't aware of this. Nice to know and thanks for the hint.

Glad to hear you've got it! Can you upload and send link here please?

Thank you so much! : D

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