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Some folks explicitly collect scene releases. Maybe for getting the "pirate feeling" or to look at some nice ASCII graphics. ;)

Scene releases are easier to find, you know what their quality is unless they are nuked(sometimes they are bad even when nuked) and you can check their hash against an existing checksum and they are easier to catalog.
Non scene releases are all over the place, you don't know if they are transcoded from a lower quality source and you often do not have a checksum to compare against, also scene releases are often times from online stores that had closed long ago and are only available on vinyl and not everyone has the space for vinyls or a record player.

I know, was just a bit joking with Tekto. Scene releases are likely to be cross-checked by other scene groups but that they are of good quality in general is quite a myth in my opinion. I've stumbled upon pretty much fucked up scene releases, very much depends on the group of course.

ps. There are definitely guys who collect scene releases just for the fun of it. I used to collect scene releases for computer software which is way more fun to me thou, as these things had (have? - no idea if they are still used) nicely coded cracking group intros before the cracked software to look at, read latest gossip and I knew the guys doing them personally.

I was mostly replying to tekto, but I second everything you say, cracktros, intros, demos & musicdisks are my poison as well.

I thought your nick looked familiar, nice to see someone from the demo scene here.

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