Remzcore & Nightshift - The Storm

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Year: 2020


Thanks for the share, theprophecyunfolds :)

Tho it says that only only certain page/upload at was blocked since ~Nov-2019, since ~mid May-2020 whole anonfiles.comn was blocked in this certain country you probably try to d/l from. So, like with rapidgator, use IP-alternating services, those moans about reuploads of each and every link around because someone doesn't like/can't connect to some filehost should be of no concern to uploading folk

Now it works, I use anonymoX plug-in in my chrome. Thanks man!

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Yw :)
Also: if your comment don't have a d/l link with what was requested then either chose "N/A" checkbox option or don't choose anything at all in "Fill request" field of "Add new comment" form.
It's there for awarding contribution points (that noone's supposed to get just for some general comments), not some anti-bot check

I re-uploaded @theprophecyunfolds link to krakenfiles, didn't take any fill request points for it.... selected N/A. Was to help the guy that made the request access it.

If a request is already tagged as filled, choosing of the fill request prompt in further comments is ignored by the site anyhow, it won't give you any points.

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