Joey Riot - Hardcore 2 Da Bone

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Catalog number: QSH066
Year: 2005

WEB please either 320 FLAC or WAV.


He's asking for the whole EP, I think. WEB release is called "Hardcore 2 da Bone" instead of "The Joey Riot EP".

No worries, my mistake.
I thought he just wanted that song from the EP.

I'm not 100% sure but I thought so. Thanks for the uploads anyway.

Thanks for the uploads!
Although is 'Hardcore 2 Da Bone' the digital Quosh release? as it's quieter than the other 2 tracks.

"Hardcore 2 da bone" was sourced from an unmixed hardcore compilation album years ago, but is the same version as on the EP.
The other two from the EP were purchased from beatport years later.
I am guessing that's the reason for the volume differences.
The EP is still available on beatport if you would prefer to download the single version of "Hardcore 2 da bone" from there so it is the same volume.

That's one of the reasons why tracks from compilations should never be used as surrogates for missing EP tracks. Post production can vary, especially when tracks are taken from a CD and even more if the CD release is old and the WEB release is comparably new.

Good you told us thou.

Wasn't aware this was an issue, will know this for the future though.
Personally I am not going to redownload a track I already have to complete the EP, but I get what you mean with the older productions.
In this instance I downloaded the tracks I didn't have to complete it.
Would not use any unofficial sources for music, dodgey spectrums etc etc.
Sorry couldn't fill this for you, 2 out of 3 is all I have.

No problem. What you put into your very own collection is your business.

And nobody is expecting you to buy it from Beatport either of course.

It's just an issue for us picky collectors, you know. ;)

I have it on vinyl if needed still, although it states web, volumes would be the same

If you'd like to make a good vinyl rip in lossless, that would be great.

Had a dig through my collection there.
This is not the track i was thinking of that came from a compilation album.
Not entirely sure where I have picked up the "Hardcore 2 Da bone" single itself, but it is labelled as quosh records "The Joey Riot EP" in the description of the I must have picked it up from another site at the time years ago.....just not the full EP.
Still annoying me though that the volumes are different.

looking at some of the other joey riot releases around the same time on Beatport it looks like a couple of them are lower volume, like 'time of my life' but this track seems normal on there.

There you go, mk-one sorted it..... glad you got this filled

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