Hyped On Acid ‎– Fall Down On Me

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Discogs or other URL: https://www.discogs.com/Hyped-On-Acid-Fall-Down-On-Me/release/13504231
Catalog number: KINGKROOL 002
Year: 2019


Thanks a lot :)
Are you able to share some details on the source by any chance?

i'm gonna guess you got this from YT as a certain person always puts up the new releases as one file on there (not hard to find out)

Anyhow i have the vinyl and will rip and up in FLAC later today.

People cannot "drop" you "a request" because you have no account.

Don't spam the forum with announcements!

I'm sorry didn't mean to offend you or anyone.. and i promise you i'm not spamming .. it takes time and effort to rip vinyls as i expect you well know yourself. .. anyway my apologies if i have offended in anyway .. will quite happily make an account .. was just basically saying i'm happy to share my vinyl collection with like minded people ..

stay blessed and no hard feelings i hope :)

No worries, Rob. I'm just taking care request comments aren't flooded by comments which do not belong there. You are welcome to be a member of the site of course.

thank you so much mate :)

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