O.B.I. - Definition Of Hard Techno 13.09.2019 (Track at 44:38)

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Discogs or other URL: https://soundcloud.com/obihardtechno/definition-of-hard-techno-13092019
Catalog number: N/A
Year: 2019

I want to know the name of the track at 44:38. This is my very first time using the Identify option from XPRM so please apologize if I might have done this wrong. I have heard this track many times but haven't successfully found it.


As it's a very new set it's probably best to ask O.B.I. himself in the comments.

You are right... But he won't reply. They barely ever reply since they act as if they were superstars or something lol (Hard Techno is not even as big as Hardstyle). Anyway anyway, I have heard that song before...

Yes. I know. Too many SoundCloud artists totally ignore their potential customers, but some are really helpful.

Cool track, I left a comment there asking about it.

Appreciate it! I will too hopefully he responds

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