Ricky Le Roy - Red Moon [vinyl]

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Discogs or other URL: https://www.discogs.com/Ricky-Le-Roy-Red-Moon/release/333482
Catalog number: BXR ‎– BXRCG 004-12
Year: 1999

Scene-released as Ricky_le_roy-red_moon-vinyl-1999-mysterio-bpm - other transfers are fine too, except for the weird BC release.


Got one from BXR - BXRCG 004-12. If anybody is interested, let me know, it seems a "private" transfer.

Intentionally incorrect loading, do not make mistakes, please, in any way, I have intentionality to upload wrong files, that you download them, check them, and see something wrong (I still do not know what it is), it can happen, but I Upload wrong files, which are not mine and that, I repeat, I search and find by the network, I doubt it.

Because I understood that you were looking for a copy or similar files, am I wrong? "other transfers are fine too, except for the weird BC release"

Well, that's what I did, look for it and subtend it.

I see. You got it wrong or I didn't state it explicitly enough, anyway just a misunderstanding. I meant with other transfers other vinyl transfers. I had gotten the CD already. But no worries, all's fine of course.

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