Pain Alliance - Meet Her At The Fuckparade

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Hello, looking for this track - (playing at 1:45)

As 1 guy wrote in the comments, it must be "Pain Alliance - Meet Her At The Fuckparade" , i found some info about it in internet on some forums, but the download links are dead...

This track can allso be found here -


Can you give a discogs link to "Definition of Hardcore 1", cant really find any compilation with "Meet her at the Fuckparade".... Or any link on the compilation if its not on the discogs.

There's no info about it on Discogs or anywhere else on the web.

Wow, do you have a large amount of music on ur pc that is not on the net?

Not really.

The compilation is quite probably a CDR made in very small batches spread inside members of the Speedcore scene with copy-shop cover. That's common.

Any chance you can share some of the info/trax on this album?

Can you upload it? You have any information alongside?

As written above: If you post a request for the CD, I will upload that.

Ah my bad still new to this site.

I also found a list of unreleased (as Pain Alliance) or changed titles of trax they made or ment to release.... Look at discogs

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