VA-Pussy_Lounge_Vol_1-2007-MST+(see list thanks)

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damn plz deleate my first request VA_-_Pussy_Lounge_Part_2-WEB-2013-HB i pasted the wrong release in the request line! sorry 4 that
cant delete or edit that :) sorrrrry!!!!

i lost my pussyLounge collection :(
so if anyone has them all..... )
those 4 a missing:


would be really a bomb!
to get them back again


The compilations' series you refer to is and (first) Pussy Lounge = BYMCD011 = . Ok, there's also initial scene CD rip by HB (VA_-_Pussy_Lounge_2012-2CD-2012-HB) but it has the same VBR -V0 quality & same LAME encoder version as SOB's rip so unless you're a scene release collector there's no audible difference.

VA-Pussy_Lounge_Vol_1-2007-MST is some house compilation that's not even listed at discogs and if you check its tracklist (e.g. at it's indeed has nothing to do with freestyle/hardstyle/hardcore. Yet if you really meant this compilation then the request should be tagged as house and created in the appropriate off-genre's site section.

D/l links for the other Pussy Lounge parts you added as a "bonus" here are also all online at the default site :P

Ok, thanks 4 that
Problem is rapidgator :)
In my eyes it was lame to Write: please no rapidgator :)

So if someone has them on any other Source that would be nice

But if you don't write "no rapidgator" how anyone reading your request's supposed to know that? Giving online d/l links at 1gabba is "a bit" easier/faster than locating at HDD (or downloading elsewhere) and uploading ~3,5 GBs :P

Ok, you want alt. filehosts (yet again, be specific, there're filehosts worse than non-premium rapidgator, torrent trackers also fit "any other source") for those Parts 2,3,4 WEBs but it's still unclear what exact release(s) you request as Pussy Lounge Vol.1:

for #1 i am looking 4:

.... so not the MST one could not remind , that the mst one was a different "house edm shit"

so incase i did not want to create some request threats , thats to right list: (thanks for info with the mst)

VA_-_Pussy_Lounge_2012-2CD-2012-HB --> there seems no other singletrack, only mixed release of it
every wish filled, would be nice

EDIT: Ok, guess it's well-deserved that request named "VA-Pussy_Lounge_Vol_1-2007-MST" eventually got filled with "VA_-_Pussy_Lounge_Part_3-WEB-2014-HB". Noone's ever gonna find this classic "reupload from rapidgator for me" shit anyway

Maybe we should delete those one post-multi requests by people who are lazy and incapable to enter several request entries.

That Pussy Lounge 2007 MST thingie got nothing to do with the series by Be Yourself Music at all anyhow:

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