Mox Epoque Vs B.K. - Be Sure! (Remixes)


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Yellow Cab – YC 272-R

My priority is to get this track: Be Sure! (T.Vee Remix), but the full vinyl is welcome. The person selling it on discogs has smoked a joint with the shipping costs.
I thank in advance anyone who can help me, I will be eternally grateful.


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Thank you so much djlightning for share your release!
I have only a one question to you.
Does is a personal vinyl copie?
Because the time of: Be Sure! (T.Vee Remix) - 8:35, and Be Sure! (A-Mize Rmx) - 8:57, does not correspond to the time of the vinyl: Be Sure! (T.Vee Remix) - 6:36 and Be Sure! (A-Mize Rmx) - 6:58. That's almost 2 minutes less per track.
I ask in case it is an error that the vinyl has in the duration of the tracks, could you confirm this for me?
Anyway, I am eternally grateful to you.

Yes is my personnal rip from my records collection. The times on the info side are wrong compared to the true times of the titles on the record.

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