Korsakoff - Pink Noise


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Link (Discogs.com or other)*: https://www.hardtunes.com/albums/korsakoff-pink-noise/211
Catalog number *: MOH084
Year *: 2010


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Looks like compiled from https://www.beatport.com/release/korsakoff-pres-pink-noise/237589 (ofc not exactly from beatport but its copy from streaming services where it is/was avl. as lossless, e.g. tidal.com) cuz "Screwdriver" at https://www.hardtunes.com/tunes/korsakoff-and-day-mar-screwdriver/1715 got 5:11 length. But as it's written in Korsakoff_-_Pink_Noise-(MOH084)-WEB-2010-HB_INT 's nfo:

"iNT because all tracks allready available on:
All tracks taken from that release for your label pleasures
PS the web version of track 4 is 05:11 but thats because there are 12 seconds of silence at the end of the track"

The EP at hardtunes is also compiled from the album's tracks; _probably_ all of them are identical to beatport version (which is identical to VARI2010013 CD release, barring leading/trailing offsets) except that 1 "Screwdriver" track with just extra silence added in the end

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