Nasenbluten - Cunt Face (Qualkommando Remix)


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Request details:
Catalog number *: TT 166
Year *: 1999/2001
Format: File, MP3 320kbps


Thank you Besas, legend! Cheers Alpha for helping out too.

...which is still the same 128 kbps vrs. but upscaled. Anyway, now the request's definitely filled

Oh I see, thanks for the info Borgild

@Borgild correct. Unfortunately a lot (but not all) bandcamp terror traxx releases turn out to be upscaled. Most likely a lot of the original master files have been lost...

@Alpha Flight: Not sure if Qualkommando ever had it/removed it from his own bandcamp page. But it comes from here:
As Borgild mentions unfortunately this track is upscaled indeed (among other United Speedcore Nation/Terror Traxx bandcamp/WEB) releases.... But hey, on the plus side, the releases are free ;)

Thanks for the info. Taking tracks from a compilation is an invalid fill anyhow, besides it being upscaled.

ps. I thought all these Hate System 128kbps tracks were free in the first place anyhow

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