Aria – Above Nature (Extended Mix) (04:02)


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Release catalog number*: Mandala – MDL012
Year*: 22/07/2019


Hmm, thanks for FLAC vrs, yet sdaly it doesn't pass integrity check (says Corrupted FLAC/MD5 mismatch) :(

FLAC encoder generates checksum for the result auduo stream, thus if later it was alternated somehow CRC will fail. It's kinda unusual/rare, I can think only of either some exceptionally buggy encoder tool/frontend or HDD/download error.
Flac encoder got self-test option, I use foobar2000 player/tool that has universal "file integrity check" menu item.
This version of extended mix now's fine, thank you. Seems like Mandala's extended mixes for initial/older releases were available before at streaming services (now removed from deezer, but perhaps it's not so at other platforms), you already got most of them?

Yes, I got most Mandala extended mixes. A few are missing which I will request over the time.

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