ID: DJ Stompy - Come Follow Me (unknown 2008 remix)


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Does anyone know the name behind this remix?

A download link to a full version in any bitrate plz!


Thank you John Doe

Can anyone provide any info around this track? I didn't even know it existed before today and turning to Google gave me nothing. So any info would be great, please. Is it an official remix? If not, what's the title/artist (if D&G used an alias, for example)? Is it unreleased? Was it featured on any compiation albums? Any back story or other info would also be great. I need to satiate the rave geek in me XD

All that I can contribute is that a partial recording of this track was briefly uploaded to YouTube a few years ago, with one commenter stating that he had personally asked Gammer if he was involved in the remix but that Gammer had said "no". I look forward to hearing John Doe elaborate further.

Impact & Haze Come follow me ( Return of the clans label)

As for Hixxy or UFO. The Intro sounds very Styles & Breezy.

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