[JELLY010] G Spencer meets Dougal & Gammer - Wonderful Life / Light Of Passion


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Discogs.com or other URL*: https://www.discogs.com/release/174829-G-Spencer-Meets-Dougal-Gammer-Wonderful-Life-Light-Of-Passion
Catalog number*: JELLY010
Year*: 2003

I already have a lower bitrate version of this from a scener, so am hoping someone has a much better rip. Thanks.


these are incredible! cheers man.

I need help, someone please explain to Jon Doe why this request can't be reuploaded, i've tried:

admin: You have been warned by admin with a reason: Asking for reupload in comments

There was no reupload button

Can I get this warning removed since there was no reupload button?

admin: Don't drive me nuts. I would like to kindly remind you that continued violations of our guidelines may result in the suspension or blocking of your account

there's no reupload button to click on a request, how will i get it reuploaded?

admin: it's closed or duplicate or open, thus no reupload needed

It's because the person never filled it with their upload.

admin: wtf man you can't read my messages?? use google translate or chat gpt

Or maybe I should just ban him?

You said no reupload needed, when there is. Just because it's not been filled, why can't we ask what's been uploaded to get reupped?

Pointless making users who contribute a good amount to this site to be held to these weird rules and other ones, fair enough leeches.

I have to give Jon Doe right though. DR forgot to make it filled, so it's still listed as Open, and only way to make people notice it is to make a comment somewhere (which would fit best right here).

If it's about how he formulated his question, what should we write the next time this happens again?
"Can admin close this so I can make a fill-request"?

I don't know atm what happened a year ago with DR's comment: he forgot to select 'Fill', uploaded an incomplete release, uploaded the wrong release, etc.
Anyway, the request is still open and can't be reuploaded because it wasn't uploaded.
Anyone can write a comment that contains related information but not a reupload request.
Or simply push a request to the top by clicking one button.
And by the way, Jon Doe already downloaded this release a year ago, judging by his grateful comment.

Maybe stick a reupload button on comments that have a links?

Everything else is so convoluted, another wouldn't hurt.

Maybe the request should have been "pushed forward" to be filled properly

That's a good point, rene.

Pushing forward a request generally means taking actions to advance or promote a particular request within the system. The goal of pushing forward a request is often to increase its visibility and chances of being noticed and addressed by the community. Explain please, how that may help with proper filling a request.

Your explanation of what pushing forward actually does seems to achieve what was being asked for, i.e. the request being filled with DRs original upload, or someone else filling it.
But maybe I'm not understanding something here...

There's are much appreciated, rene.

Might be a good idea to just fill the request with this now

Different encoders in the tracks, 2nd one @ 48 kHz sampling rate, both tracks got actual freq cut below 320 kbps' default of 20,5 kHz :(

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