[BABY15] Styles & Breeze - Sonic / Total XTC


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Link (Discogs.com or other)*: https://www.discogs.com/release/146951-Styles-Breeze-Sonic-Total-XTC
Catalog number *: BABY15
Year *: 2003

Looking for a much newer and fresher rip of this than what I have, or if by some miracle someone has the digitals, those would be great.


Q91's are exactly what I was looking for! mp3 is better for me mate, appreciate it.

my rip of Total XTC is somewhat crappy though. Was more interested in Sonic anyways. And this does sound like my rips re-encoded to MP3 (unless Total XTC sounds like crap on all pressed copies).

But even as FLAC, my rips are softlimited at ~17.5kHz

For comparison, my recording of Total XTC does go beyond 17.5kHz
Spectrum: https://krakenfiles.com/view/c8DA9mbglB/file.html

Despite this, highs and vocals still sound crushed. The vinyl was previously used so may have been worn out, otherwise Q91 may be right and it could be in the pressing. In which case it may not be possible to see a better version unless we get remastered digitals any time soon

Yeah, under a period of time when I was mastering my rips, there was a setting that for some reason limited it to ~17.5khz. It was sadly not something I noticed until much later when I started buying digital completionist bundles and learned how to read the vizualiers on Foobar2k better, and noticed that my own rips weren't perfect. at least they have no digital artifacts, so despite being softlimited to around 17khz, the rips are still true lossless.

As for my copy of the record, my vinyl was brand new from IMO Records and I've only used it to record to my computer (so at most 5 times)

Would be happy if you filled with those, probably not gonna get any better.

Cheers again, mate.

Do you have most of the RB label ripped personally? There's a couple ones I need, but I need to see if the admin will reopen requests as ones posted a terrible and probably upscaled scene releases.

That guy on YT with the Hardcore Classics channel ripped the entire label himself, and they sound really good. Unfortunately, because it's on YT, audio is limited to 128kbps... Would love to get the full quality rips of those

Nothing more annoying than finding the track you've been after for ages and it's on YouTube lol I've tried messaging accounts like that before and they are never willing to send or trade stuff.

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