24/7 - Hardcore Christmas Party


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Discogs.com or other URL*: https://247hardcore.sellfy.store/p/xmas-lp/
Catalog number*: 247HCLP033
Year*: 2021

WAV preferred with DJ Mix and bonus tracks


didnt the store offered WAV for the single tracks?

TBH, I dont know... Got it in mp3 just at release. Mp3 is enough for me, so I didnt want to bother with wav. Sorry.
This is why I didnt fill it, just wanted to share it.

I just wondered. Maybe they doesnt offer any lossless single tracks for this.Im usually happy with Mp3. Its better than nothing. So many thanks for the upload. Lets see if anyone got any WAVs. Otherwise I message you to mark it filled and getting your points :)

Website mentions "20 files (1.2GB)", so it's definitely available in lossless. Furthermore I doubt any "major" label like 24/7 Hardcore would do mp3 only releases in 2021.

Good point. Had the same feeling. So there is a chance anyone got them :)

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