VA - Platinum Rave Weekender (2007, CD) [FLAC]


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Catalog number: PLTNCD08
Year: 2007


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awesome mate!!! :)

Hey man, some of the tracks have skips in them, from CD1 mainly I think

How strange, EAC picked nothing up.

If you can type which tracks tonight I can rerip tomorrow. If not tomorrow be two weeks.

Strange as CD brand new -_-

no worries mate, btw did you upload the Bonkers FLAC for me, all links gone from comments and didn't have a chance to download before e-learning HD space. thanks in advance

no rush mate just re-rip CD1 when you can if possible

Sorry mate, I didnt fill that request. Has the request gone or the links died? Because Kraken has been funny lately dropping links ect.

Hopefully you get sorted, and I will redo disk one for you tomorrow.

all the comments deleted, thanks man you're a star

I am re-ripping CD1 now buddy, i have done a check and it has all come back perfect. My only thought is my dodgy CDDRIVE, it's on it's arse.

My new motherboard arrived couple weeks back from the states, i need to nip out a pick a new drive up.

Hopefully this is fine for now.

It has nothing to do with the setting's, i am experienced in EAC, as stated above my CDDRIVE is on it's way out.

But thanks.

PS, Welcome to the site.

Only just seen this, many thanks mate, much appreciated!!

Hope to get tracks from this album

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