Electronic Exclusives 11 - Plundered Vaults [lossless]


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Discogs.com or other URL*: http://www.electronicaexposed.com/catalogue/electronicaexposed/eecd037.html
Catalog number: EECD037
Year: 2008

Lossless (WEB or CD rip)


Could push it forward to give it better visibility

Just a quick one you ain't getting this in FLAC no matter what anyone says to you.

Yeah, this comment is kind of strange. This might not be sold on CD any longer, but I believe almost every Electronica Exposed album is on various digital stores...?
Heck, theres' even this from the link posted in the request: (although TrackItDown is no more)


CD: Out Of Print. This CD is no longer available.
Digital Download: Available from: Beatport, Juno Download and Trackitdown.

Have web version.

Subbed and will post for more points.

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I thought you didn't upload readily available releases?

Wait, except when there is a lot of points to be had? Well Played.

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