[CAM002] Mozz & Speedy B / EX-1 – Drift / Degrees Of Motion (digital lossless)


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Well, there's lossless for sale at Juno. Check the link after discogs in the request. Unless you're saying that the lossless provided there is upscaled? Judging by the files you provided I would assume that it isn't.
Anyway, thanks for the tracks, much appreciated

That's why I wasn't sure there would be lossless stuff out there, given many of the quality files were lost to time, but it looks like the Juno stuff will be proper lossless. I just hadn't realised they were distributed in lossless format, given they were chucked out back in the day as 320s and vinyl.

Btw, I have the lossless for Drift because I'm actually SPeedY_B, that file above is the wav, straight from the studio converted to FLAC. I don't have most of the others in lossless, just "Lazarou" and "Fuck Up" I made with Oli, happy to upload those tomorrow.

Lazarou - https://krakenfiles.com/view/zz8ae93xvh/file.html
Fuck up - https://krakenfiles.com/view/O3aXKYLqFt/file.html
Original Vinyl Art for Drift - https://krakenfiles.com/view/1iFmGsdNo9/file.html

Nice one, thanks for those bonuses. Was "Fuck Up" ever released?
Also, thanks for the artwork. Do you have them for any of the other Camel releases?

It wasn't. May have made its way out on some promo stuff, but was never a proper release on the label.

Unfortunately I don't have anything else, either never had it originally, or it got lost many HDDs ago.

I do own Lazarou already, but I dont mind getting it in flac (since i only own the mp3 version)

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