Okami - What You Do + Back to You (Extended Mixes)


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Discogs or other URL: https://www.discogs.com/label/1703878-247-Hard
Catalog number: 247HARD003 + 247HARD004
Year: 2020

Extended Mixes only!


Filled? "Back To You" (247HARD004), judging by reupload at 1gabba, is a pretty obvious upscale

Both, yes. TrashLover93 has been banned for long time anyway.

"What You Do" [FLAC] request was recently filled.

Same upscales, 1gabba just kept the versions uploaded here

LEOLO1979, please remind to check the Spec before uploading. Both links included upscaled crap.

Thanks in advance.

Why are people complaining about upscales on a MP3 request?

By default most people request/expect 320 kbps MP3 quality, not just anything with .mp3 extansion and matching file name. Usually youtube/128 kbps webrips is np to get for free, not much sense spending points on 'em

Mostly wondering because I can only see a FLAC and a MP3 release related to both of these on 1gabba, and the FLAC one is most definitely not upscaled.
But then, after having been called an "upscaler" on another request, I'm on the edge on what people consider to be upscaled or not...

Oh I already know how to check the spectrum for compression artifacts and stuff. I've already had that debate on another request page.
But that page is only half the truth. It doesnt take into account what the original source is, or even mention mp3 artifacting.

So what's the question then? What was uploaded here got a clear 128kbps mp-ish freq cut @ ~16 kHz while nominal/formal bit rate is 320 kbps, so you don't need to dig into "compression artifacts and stuff" to figure out it's an upscale. That 16-22 kHz range is simply non-existant to continue any further (like "is it lossy-lossy reencoded?", since it's already mp3) elaboration.
Tho ofc one can set a custom/any freq cut while actually encoding from lossless to 320 kbps but it's kinda unlikely, counterproductive for quality and should be visible in the file's recorded LAME settings.

Well, the links were removed so I couldn't see what quality they were in.

The quality was absolute shite. That's why we deleted the links Q91.

We check everything as much as possible, but once again it would be great if every person that uploads files, FIRST check the spec. And if you don't have clue what the hell it means/works, just let us know and we can explain it to everyone who want's ;)

Those were reuploads from 1gabba, which are reuploads of what was initially uploaded here at xprm. "Back To You" is still avl. at https://1gabba.net/node/44575
Anyway, lossless version of extended mixes were already uploaded for other requests here:
247HARD003 "What You Do" = https://xprm.net/request/okami-what-you-do-extended-mix-flac (request reup)
247HARD004 "Back to You" = https://xprm.net/request/okami-back-you-extended-mix-flac (reuploaded at https://1gabba.net/node/44949)

Actually 247HARD004 leads to 247HARD003
I can't find any (working) source for FLAC of 247HARD004 (or maybe I am totally blind)

I just gave links to filled requests here. Click "report bad link" for w/e release with expired d/l links that u're missing

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